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Trail Rides

Here at Pine River Riding Stable, we understand that people ride different.  That is one of the reasons that all of our rides are private rides. Some like to go slow and look at the beauty of Gods country. Listen to the birds and try to pick up on some of our wildlife like: deer, bobcat, badgers, fox, coyotes, otters, porky pines, rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks, bald and golden eagles, turtles and snakes are always fun to see. Then we have others that would like a little more excitement. A little more wind on our face. What ever we do, we do it as safe and fun as possible. Our guides are a lot of fun. They understand you are here for a good time and yet your safety is a high priority. Our equipment is well taken care of, and checked over daily. We do have safety stirrups and helmets. They are here for your safety if you care to use them. Listening to the guide is the most important. Our horses are well trained and lots of fGetting ready to go on a trail ride.un. We have many trails and the guides go many different ways so no one ever gets bored. The Pine River flows through our land, and that is fun to see and ride through. Our horses are alert and responsive to give you and enjoyable ride.

Whether you're small or large, experienced or inexperienced we have a horse for everyone. We take a lot of pride with working with the handicap people. We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy the beautiful horses and Gods country. Our guides and horses are trained for each and every group. They are here for your safety and enjoyment. Plan a day and come ride with us. We do have sunset rides which are longer rides with a wiener roast in the woods also. 

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We now accept Debit and Credit Cards

Please DO NOT use GPS

If you use your GPS for some reason it does not take you to our stable, you end up on a minimum maintnence road in the middle of nowhere.  People have actually had to be towed out so please call us for directions so you can make it to us.

All our Trail Rides are private rides!

Gift Certificates are available

Hourly Rates: $29.50

Sunset Rides
Sunset riders enjoy a beautiful ride in the woods, that starts at 5:00p.m.  After riding a while you will get to stop for a cookout with hot dogs, chips, treats, marshmallows and pop.  You then mount back on your horses and finish your enjoyable ride.
1.5 Hour Sunset Ride: $48.50
2 Hour Sunset Ride:

Day Camp
You arrive at 8:30 a.m. to start your day the rustic way.  You will learn how to feed, groom, saddle and ride your horse all in one day.  You will get to go out on two, one hour rides through out the day.  Pick up is at 2:00 p.m.  Don't forget to bring a lunch and beverages to last you through out the day.
Day Camp:  $85.00 


Hay Rides 

Our hay rides are fun for the whole family.  All our hay rides are private wagon rides so you're not bunched up with a bunch of people you don't know.  Our friendly horses and staff make it a very fun and memorable ride through out our 280 acre ranch.  In the summer we have cowboy music (optional) on the wagon to help set the mood, and in the winter we have Christmas music (optional) playing with bells on our beautiful team of Percheron horses.  If you have children that come with you don't forget, we have a pony that comes with the wagon so the children can take turns riding on the pony.  After being on the trail for a while we stop in the woods and have a bon-fire, where we can take a break sit around the fire and enjoy nature at its finest. 

1.5 Hour Ride including marshmallows and pop $17 per rider
1.5 Hour Ride including hot dogs, chips, treats, marshmallows and pop: $19 per rider  

There is an eight person minimum on both hay rides.



All large groups are welcome. Free petting zoo & picnic area. All prices are per person and tax included. We now accept Debit and Credit Cards. please don't use GPS, you will get lost!

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Pine River Riding Stable

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